This indoor display module is available in a variety of configurations. The poles are adjustable in height to allow for multiple visual combinations. Ideal for kiosk bottom.


The Formulate portable kiosk is very easy to use. The tubular structure is very resistant and the printed fabric is installed on the structure with a zipper. Available in several sizes and several accessories are offered. Shape curved horizontal or vertical and curved serpentine.


The Hopup Portable Stand is the most popular kiosk in its class. Lightweight and easy to install, the Hopup deploys quickly in seconds. The fabric attaches to the structure with velcro to give a uniform tension to the visual. Available in several sizes and straight or curved.

Vector Frames

The Vector frame is made of aluminum extrusions. This kiosk is easily installed thanks to extruders that fit into each other and fabric with a silicone outline. Sturdy and elegant at the same time, the structure can be backlit and the visual can be single or double. Several dimensions available.

X Claim

The XClaim structure is ultra lightweight and deploys quickly in seconds. The visuals are easily interchangeable and pre-attached to the frame. The multitude of possibilities of position of the visuals are endless. No tools required.