Hybrid Pro Modular Backwalls

The Hybrid Pro structure is made of extruded aluminum in Canada. The very eye-catching configurations & nbsp; will help you stand out at your showroom. The visuals are printed on quality fabric and completely cover the structures. A wide variety of configurations, sizes and accessories are available.

Merchandise Express P.O.P. Systems

The modular point of sale kiosk is the ideal option to highlight your products or items. The kiosk is made of extruded profiles which allows a single-sided or double-sided display. Several sizes and configurations are available.

Vector Frames Essential Kits

To create an astonishing effect for your event, the Vector Modular Kiosk in Extruded Frame is available in several configurations. Lightweight, easy to install and transport, the visual changes in seconds thanks to a silicone ring that fits into the frame. The essential display solution!